Using writeScript/editScript with SoftwareAG Installer


We are trying to automate product installation using ansible. For that, we want to rely on silent installation using script with the SAG Installer.
Unfortunately, since 2016 installer writeScript / editScript option of the installer is not working on Centos 7 / RHEL 7.

The problem occurs with the following version of the Installer:

It does not occur with the 2015 version, but unfortunately this version is too old and doesn’t support 9.10 and 9.12 products.

The dreaded error message is a NullPointerException, occurring at “com.wm.distman.install.SilentInstallManager.writeScript(”.

Supposedly, according to a knowledge center issue (KB 1779765), the issue was supposed to be resolved “with the Software AG Installer jar file newer than SoftwareAGInstaller20161216.jar”. But well :slight_smile:

So I’m looking for workarounds :
Are the script files compatibles between version ? Could I use a 2015 installer script, and easily change it for a 2017 version ?
Does anybody have script file examples ?
Are the script files compatibles between different OS ? Could I use a windows script, and easily change it for a RHEL version ?

Any other idea would be appreciated :slight_smile:



Hi Alexandre,

if modifiying an existing script for a different OS is possible depends on whether the components are platform independent or not.
Most likely they are not.
Especially when one of the OS is Windows and the other is a Unix style.

Similar applies to the fact when modifying for a different wM Release.
You will have to know the exact component names in the image file.
This can be achieved with any zip-compatible tool like Jar, Winzip, 7zip etc.
As not all components are releases with a new version number (some components are still the same for both releases, i.e. Adapters), this is cumbersome.

Please check the installer log for a more detailed exception and make sure that the location where the script should be stored has enough space and the proper rights to write the file by the user being used for installing.


The script file is just a text file. Open it in a text editor and you’ll see what’s in it. Having said this, it sounds like you ran into a bug. Have you created a ticket?


I’m pretty sure it’s not a right access or space problems as I was able to create a script with older versions of the installer.

@Percio Castro
Unfortunately I don’t have the privilege to open tickets if it’s not for a customer specific need !


please check for the following KB Article in Empower:
KB #: 1776183
Software AG Installer - “sudo” gets skipped running Installer with -writeScript and ?readImage simultaneously

I have the same issue with SoftwareAGInstaller20161018.jar.