Hi All,

Does anyone know why arguments like -createImage, -installFromImage, with startup script doesn’t work or do as the documentation says? It opens up the Update Manager Interface and expects the input to be provided to install from image.

As per the documentation it should be able to perform without expecting inputs when arguments are used with start up scripts.
I ran the command "sh -installFromImage " in Linux terminal but it opens up update manager in CLI mode and expects for input.

Please let me know if anyone knows the reason behind this, or is my understanding of the documentation wrong?


Hi Hima,

which version of the UpdateManager are you referring to?

On Solaris I just simply start the “./” and type in the information once.
On upcoming runs with a newer version of the fix image I just hit the Enter key until the list of Fixes is displayed.

Can you provide a reference to the documenation please?
According to the Using_SAG_Update_Manager_for_912_and_earlier.pdf UpdateManager does not have such arguments.


Hi Holger,

The latest version of update manager which is SoftwareAGUpdateManagerHelp11.0
Page 19/20 states the supported arguments for the script.