Using WmPKI Entrust with TNEDIINT

Greetings Wm Experts,
We are in process of exploring the possibility of using EDIINT for one of our AS2 vendors and have few questions:
1- As per WM, One cannot use just the EDIINT package without TN (WM Verison 6.0.1). Is this a correct statement?
2- Is it possible to use the services in WmPKI (supporting Entrust PKI)for AS2 security related tasks (verificate/encryption). One possibility could be to write a custom service using the WmPKI security services and hook this custom service with EDIINT. How would one go around doing this. I have tried using EDIINT web configuration settings witout much luck.
Thanks much

If you will exchange messages containing EDI payloads, ensure you have installed the EDI Module (WmEDI) and the EDI Module Trading Networks (WmEDIforTN). (Alternatively, to exchange EDIINT messages with an EDI payload without installing these EDI Module, you can choose to not submit the EDI payload to Trading Networks. From the EDIINT Configuration page, uncheck Submit Payload to TN.)

EDIINT can also be implemented using IS4.6 version.