Using SEFParse

I’m trying to create X12 dictionary from Developer 6.1.

I’m using SEFParse. Is this the best way to do it?

Anyway, I’ve inputted the following:
SEFfilename: webMethods61/IntegrationServer/packages/WmEDI/pub/SEFS/X12/4010.sef
EDIDocName: dictionary_test
version: 4010
targetSchema: test.schema.X12
targetPackage: test
targetDictionary: test.schema.X12:dictionary_test

I get the error below when I run it:

Could not run ‘SEFParse’.
com.wm.ff.parse.SEFFormatException: [FFP.0000.0002] Transaction set not defined: dictionary_test

What am I missing?


There is another alternate way and easier approach to do the EDI Module home page and click on install TN Document types and select the standard, version and the transaction set and click on install.this will create the scchema and the dictionary in WmEDIforTN/EDIFFSchema.


We are not using Trading Networks. We don’t even have the package for it.


We have the same problem,
We use trading Networks, so we created the dictionary and the schema from the home page /EDI/install TN Document Types
and when we try to run the service “create TemplateFromSEF”, we got the following message :
Could not run ‘6createTemplateFromSEF’.

com.wm.ff.parse.StorageException: [FFP.0000.0026] Unable to find Flat File Dictionary: WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.Dictionary

PS : below, the inputs of the service :

SefFileName d:\wM61\IntegrationServer\packages\WmEDI\pub\SEFS\X12\4010.sef
TransactionName :810

TargetSchema :WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.810
TargetPackage :test
TargeDictionary :WmEDIforTN.EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010.Dictionary
OverwriteDictionary : True

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you !