Using pub.client:http service to Post to ASP page

I’m invoking the pub.client.http service from webMethods Integrator 4.6 to send a HTTP Post to an ASP page I have running under IIS on the same server as webMethods.

More Info:

I’ve tried setting the username and password in the “auth/user” and “auth/pass” Input variables of the service, I’ve tried adding “AUTH_USER” and “AUTH_PASSWORD” values to the “headers” Input service record, and I’ve tried passing the username and password in the URL (ie. “”). But no matter what I do, it doesn’t work.

You might try using pub.web.loadDocument and setting the authorization parms there.

If that doesn’t work, you might be able to utilize TN doing the delivery for you. you could setup your ASP page as a partner in TN with the URL and authentication parameters setup in the delivery tab under Primary HTTP. Setup a rule to deliver the document using Primary HTTP.

You could also write your own service to obtain the primary HTTP delivery information from the profile you setup in TN, then just call tn.transport:primaryHttp passing the bizdoc that you get when invoking a service from a processsing rule. I believe with the profile information in the pipeline, the primaryHttp service will work. The TN transport services may handle the IIS server’s authentication request better than these other services.

Also, try setting your IS server logging to 9 when you try to post to your ASP page. The log may give you the HTTP request/response information going back and forth between the servers and that could give you more information.

Were you ever able to post to your ASP page using the pub.client:http service? I think I’m experiencing a similar problem.