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I want to make one flow service to create user and add them to specific group as per the requirement.I am getting user table as b[/b] and group table as b[/b] where user and group record are getting saved when created from mws.But not able to get specific table where user and group relation is being assigned.
Also In user table all the user details are getting stored but not getting userId as entered but it is some numeric value.
Attached is the screen shots for your reference.
Please let me know if I am referring some wrong table or if there is any alternate way to achieve the requirement.
System Details
Wm Version:8.2
User management is done using mws central user management

Baharul Islam


If I’m understanding correctly and you’re trying to add records directly into these tables, there are definitely better alternatives.

For example, search the TECHcommunity for CDS API. You should find some samples on managing users, roles, etc. Here’s one such example:

Another option is to use xmlImport, which basically consists of you creating an XML file and dropping it in the MWS deploy directory. More details here:

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Hi Percio,

Thanks for good suggestion.

I will try to create users using this step(xml/CDS API).

I think we can create user using method createPrincipal(String directoryServiceID, int principalType, String name, Map properties