Use Git as VCS in webMethods 10.11

Hi all,

I’m wondering to use Git as Version Control System (VCS) in webMethod, which version is 10.11. I tried to follow steps in this article, but there is no " Create Local Service Development Project" to choose in my AG Designer. In addition,
Any idea how to use Git in webMethods? Does version 10.11 not support Git any more?

Many thanks!

Hi @asc25860 ,
Please note that while installing the Designer you need to select the option Local Version Control Integration , this is available in the Services-> , next to the Service Development option.
Secondly , the option is applicable for a package which is hosted in the Integration Server which is in the same installation as the Designer.
Local service development ,this topic has a good discussion around the topic. Hope that works for you


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Hi @Nagendra_Prasad ,

Thank you for replying. I will install these packages firstly.


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