Urgnt hlp needed

Plz to help for me. I am new to computers. I have to process Solarus EDI document and send to SAP running on boss’s Palm Pilot.

What is EDI, SAP and Palm Pilot?

Am getting many error messages. Don’t have time tell u what they r.

Also, don’t have time to read any documentashun so please don’t ask me to. And,I don’t have time to search WM-users forums. Just help me.

Deadline looming. Help!

Is this a joke post ?


If you want fast solution then do searching either in this forum/google search…


hahaha… u know what, I was having a busy day at my work and you really cheer me up with this joke, by the way do you really have that much of a free time ?

Not joking. Very important task. Too busy to search gugle. What is gugle? Where are error messages saved? I can try to find.

This link seems to help some…



Or my favorite http://www.justfuckinggoogleit.com

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…hey…we need more people like you in our office…you know…a paid office jokester…what do you guys think??? you know our jobs are pretty stressful…we could use someone like you dumb !!!..
PS:Nice one Griffin…you got me on that one !!!
You are not working for microsoft are you? they could use someone like you…

One more question…who hired you for this job?
kindly include his email with your reply !


Not sure why u r askin. Me boss email is peter.principle@dora.com. He just promoted last week from the mail room to Worldwide Director of Integration Competency Center. He thinks if I do well on this task i get new title to.

Too bad I could not access my yahoo mail in my new client site.

This could have boosted my energy level a bit and could have avoided a coffee.

Keep going Dumb Dora!!!

OK, I read WM docs. Just 1 question… what is XML? I never hear of putting tags in computer. Will tags from mattress work? How to get 9-track tape from mainframe to palm pilot? Very urgnt.

No one can help me with this urgnt issue? Some xperts u r.

I am making sales presentation for big consulting project next week. Boss has changed mind (happens lots). now i have 2 configure RSS reader to subscribe to Broker events. Should be ez, right since Broker supports pub/sub?


You’re busted!
I saw the e-mail.

Dont no wat u r talking about.