UNEDIFACT document processing problem 46 without TN

Hi All,

we are using SAP Business Connector 4.6. as our EDI subsystem.

I have a inbound UNEDIFACT document to be processed and am able to do it successfully by creating deliveries on SAP side by posting the IDoc.

we are not using TN but trying to process using WmEDI package and other built in services and mapping.


Problem araises when we have multiple EDI docs concatinated in the inbound file. like







i am not able to process this kind of file.
I do not have template.

Correct me if i am wrong.
Need Solution real bad.

Generally EDIFACT messages have a single Transmission header (UNA, UNB) and multiple sets of UNH-UNZ blocks. However, in your case, you have multiple sets of UNA blocks.

One suggession could be to split the file within BC, using string functions. Later, these split strings can be processed individually.

To split, you could use pub.string:tokenize with delimiter UNA and later concatenate UNA to the start of each of the tokenized string.


Hi Shankar,

I am really surprise by ur level of usnderstanding…u r awesome…

i took me several minutes for me to explain the problem even on phone to somebody… but he also suggested the same.

i am trying to use Tokenize service with delimeter UNA… but this is what it does to the total string…

it is using only UN as the delimiter even though i hardcoded UNA.

so the problem still persists… may be the problem is waiting for the right guy like u to solve it…

Please help i am stuck at a client place just because of this… I know SAP better than BC… i am trying to do my level best in BC.

Take care

I have been trying to use

One more round about approach.

Replace all UNA with some single special character
Then tokenize on this special character.

Concatenate UNA to every single block and process.

May not be a best solution, but works :slight_smile:

I wake up in flat files and go to bed with them !!! Anyway thanks and good Luck for your problem solving.

Hello Mr. Shankar,

i always admire people who are specialized in thier fields i was never able to do that.

i can work on multiple things and a jack of all trades kind of person.

One more thing i can do is work till i drop dead and thats my strength i sleepp like once in two days in the past two weeks…

any ways the point i wanna ask is … is it ok if i talk to u over the phone … not specific with this problem but in general… i am in LA now but my actual office is in dallas… so please give me ur contact details… u can mail me at kalsee@gmail.com…. i would love to get in touch with u and please let me know if it ok then i can give u my contact details…

Take care