UrgentTN AS1 communication with Cyclone


These day I have some trouble in TN 6.1–Cyclone 4.2 communication using EDIINT AS1.
First,I set up EDIINT AS2 as the communication protocol.And then,inbound and outbound of TN work fine.And the other party,outbound and inbound of Cyclone interchage 4.2.4 work fine too.

Then,I add the EDIINT AS1 protocol to both party.TN can outbound using wm.ediint:send,and Cyclone inbound well,it can receive the document and reply MDN.But,when I look up the transaction analysis in web page “…/WmTNWeb”,I find that both “from” and “to” are “unknown” and the “User Status” is “SendMsg:WAITMDN” but no MDN received(I think that it means the outbound service can not get the senderID and receiverID).I chenked the Cyclone transaction and found that Cyclone had replied MDN.

When Cyclone outbound,I find Cyclone sent document to TN indeed.But there are exceptions when TN inbound.One of the exceptions is"…The processing service was wm.EDIINT.rules:processMsg,and the original error message was com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:sender and/or receiver unknown".

Why EDIINT AS2 can work fine but AS1 failed using the same configuration?


The reason why MDN for AS2 works while AS1 is not working when sender and receiver is unknown is because AS2 is using HTTP protocol and you have select to receive synchronous MDN. This means in the same HTTP session TN will send the EDI message and receive the MDN, therefore, able to pair up with the original message. While on the other hand AS1 is via email, therefore, all transaction are asynchronized.

The fundermental issue here is, as you already stated, … the Unknown sender and receiver …

ps. check your user guide for the sync and async settings


I have resolved this issue.Just change the external ID as User Defined 1 and value as “comany@company.com”.