I created a flat file schema…The first field in all the records are empty…when i am testing with first field empty i get the following error-- FFP.0012.0004 Found no valid records.If i fill the first field with some values and test it its running fine…Please help .Thanks in advance

What is your RecordDefinition set to and looking for recordWithNoID or with specific element?What type of flatfile fixedlength or delimiter based?

Please give us info on your flatfile Schema development.


i put it as delimiter…If the first charecter of the first field in a record is blank i am getting error if i fill it with some value it is working fine.Thanks in advance

Its all depends on the RecordDefinition you set and if the schema doesnt receive the data as it expects then it wont parse it throws found no valid records…

you should give us the all the info of the flatfile schema how the structure is build.


Thanks RMG i was able to fix it.

What went wrong?Share with us the resolution so that it helps everyone in case when they face it.