Flat File "no Valid Records Found Error"

HI guys,
I have created a schema which would parse a file with each record being of 1304 characters. In addition to fixed length, they are line delimited as well.

Now, the characters/fields inside each record can be identified with only thier positions.

i have created the schema in which i have selected fixed length as type of record. I have left all other options in the Flat file Defination window as empty.( i am using webmethods 7.x developer).
Coming to flat File structure window, i have created each of those fields with extractor being the position.(1-3,3-6…etc).

But when i try to run the schema or use the converttoValues, it eventually errors out saying ‚ÄúNo valid records found‚Ä̂Ķ
I have tried to use Delimted instead of fixed lenght…but same problem…

What could be the issue…kindly help.

The error indicates your FFSchema is not matching according to your ffData.

You have to make sure your given FlatFileDefinition with delimiter option Record,Field or Composite and select Starts at Position 0

How is your ff data looks like?? and whats your currect Schema setup against it.


Its a text file with .txt extension.
please see attached txt file for details.
Its fields are basically position based and i have created schema according to it.
But no matter what i am unable to get rid of this errror ‚ÄúNo valid Records found‚ÄĚ.
myname.txt (1.28 KB)

This doesnt have any delimiters…Basically then you got to choose Fixed length option and specify Start/End positions.

What is your RecordDefinition set to?? Is it recordWithNoID and beneath you have to create FieldDefinitions(position based)…

The error indicates the data file cannot be parsed with the schema you have in place…


Thanks for your help,
Basically i have created a schema in which i have defined a record name.
Under the record, i have defined fields based on Positions.
For example , field 1 starts from 0-3, field 2 from 3-4 etc.

what is recordWithNoID?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


You have to define the record name as ‚ÄúrecordWithNoID‚ÄĚ (maxRepeat=1 or ulimited) and beneath this create the FieldDefinitions and try it‚ĶWhen i looked at your data there is no record identifier exist,so recordWithNoID is the option to parse the file correctly.


Thanks again,
I did what you said , and it still gives the error…
I have attached the schema in the package.
If you could look at it and point out what is amiss , i would be reaalllly grateful :slight_smile:
dummyPackage.zip (5.29 KB)

Sorry at this time…you got to play with the recordWithNoID option and make adjustments to your schema…I cannot load your package at this moment.

I know it will be tricky to parse the files against schema…sometimes trying R&D is worth as a learning curve.


When i use your schema in your dummyPackage.zip, also have the same issue‚ÄúFound no valid records‚ÄĚ. I try to fix it and find the way to fix it.:slight_smile:

There are two things you got to do:

  1. create a flat file dictionary.
    2.To set the default record, open the flat file schema and click on the tab of the schema so that you see the properties for the entire schema. You will see a property called ‚ÄėDefault Record‚Äô. You will need to click the Set‚Ķ button under the Value column and then choose the corresponding record in your dictionary.
    dummyPackage.zip (11.3 KB)
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RockyLee my man … You rock!!!:smiley:
It works…and this is perfect solution for this problem.


RockyLee…it really works…perfect man…


Enjoy your day man!

Can anybody explain me why such a case works perfectly fine with a FF dictionary reference in the schema,but when we r creating a schema in a regular way without referring to the dictionary its throwing this error…
Recently I created a tab delimited FF schema having only 3 fields…my PL asked me not to use dictionary for such a small schema ,but it didn’t work without the FF dict reference(was throwing this error)…So I again created a new FF schema with FF dict reference…

FFSchema should work independently with out Dictionary also…

Not sure why you are getting the error.

May be your schema not matching exactly per the file sample you are testing against? And obviously flatfile:convertToValues parsing (data issue or delimiters or other simple reasons) could cause that error.So you should debug and run sample file with it:


Thanks for the reply.I’ll try to debug it once again…


good deal: