Delimited flat file schema problem

I am new to webMethods, I am getting one problem while trying to prase the following file

Where first line is the Header part, other 2 lines are transaction part which may occure multiple times and last line is footer part.
I have created the the schema accordingly accordingly with transaction records max repeat is unlimited. header and footer is 1.

In Flat File Definition → record parser, I have selected as Demiliter.
Record: newline
subfield: ,

But while test run, it gives me the following error
com.wm.ui.UiException: com.wm.ff.parse.ParseException: [FFP.0012.0004]
Found no valid records
Could anyone please help me out here, I tried to search similar problems but could not get the solution.
Thanks in advance

Did you choose nth field option?looks like your file is comma seperated file…
So start the field1 as 0 and so on…
What is ur RecordDefinition recordWithNoId?


Yes, I have mentioned nth field. and field 1 from 0.I am using webMethods 6.0.1. I am not sure what is recorddefinition.

Basically you have to specify RecordDefinition (recordWithNoID)since your file dont have any starting record identifier to parse the file…so try this option and create field definitions (nth fields)under this record definition.