FlatFile schema

Hi all,
I created a flat file schema with recordWithNoID as record definition when i try to test it its only giving half part of the file.

below is the flat file
Attributes=SchedulingAgreement/PurchaseOrder 0903012357;LineItemNumber 00001;

when i try to run it its only showing Attributes=SchedulingAgreement/PurchaseOrder 0903012357 in the output.

record delimiter= newline
composite or field delimiter= ;
record identifier Nth field.

can body have any idea why it is giving like that.


You need to provide more info about your schema.
If you have have a composite record, make sure your Nfields start at position 0.
But provide some more info on the structure of your schema.

Please make sure your field definitions nth field start wit 0,1…then it should work.Please give us more details on your schema/flatfile definition.


It worked.

Thank you for clarifying my reply.