Upgrading from ada411 to ada623


How could I convert database v411 to v623?


Which operating system are we talking of ?

We are running OS/390 V2R10.

You will have to use


for the conversion, but I’m not sure it will work from 41 to 62 directly,
you may have to take intermediate steps as you are skipping
v51 → v52 → v53 → v54 → v61

Hi Boris,
are you sure you come from ADA41 ?? When I started at software ag back in 1988 Version 5.1. got released :roll:

In Version 4.1. there didn´t exist the utilities as we know them today, I can´t remember if we have had ADAORD but definitely the output of ADAORD V4 is not compatbile to ADAORD V6 or V8.

There was no ADACNV utility either. Migration was normally done by starting the next version and this did the conversion. I´m not quite sure if we supported the upgrade from 4.1 to 5.2. ?

So that´s our official recommendation:
V4.1 → 5.1.7 (in minimum - 5.1.9 would be better) → 5.2.3 and there you can run ADAORD RESTRUCTURE and store this into 623 database.

If you don´t have these versions I would recommend to unload and decompress the files and then compress them again and load them again. With the newer versions you have the ADACMP FORMAT statement which gives you flexibility for the input data.
And I would also recommend to upgrade to ADA82 because also 623 is very old and long time out of support.

The problem here is that Adabas 8.2 isn’t supported on OS/390 2.10,
afair Adabas 7.1 was the last version that did.

We aren’t way back on OS/390 2.10, but I don’t think I’ve ever been on any OS that was actively supported by SAG. We’re on z/OS 1.9 now.

So - even though we are upgrading to the latest SAG products (ADA823, NAT427, etc), technically we’re never supported. Thus, I don’t worry about OS level support ever since I can never attain it.

Software AG “supports” IBM operating systems as long as the vendor actively maintains it,
but that’s not the point I was trying to make.

The issue is that an Adabas V8.2, developed on and for modern hardware and operating system features,
may just no longer work on OS/390 2.10

I understand your point. Adabas 8.2 may have modules that take advantage of new z/OS features or extensions that did not exist on OS/390 2.10 which may fail or behave in an unpredictable manner. Even if someone can be found that runs Adabas 8.2 on OS/390 2.10 is not a guarantee that it will work for you.

But it’s probably not that out of the ordinary to see Adabas 8.2 running on z/OS 1.7 or even 1.4. Exactly how far back can you go? Would SAG’s position be the same for me running Adabas 8.2 on z/OS 1.9? Was v8.2 developed on z/OS 1.7? v1.9? v1.11?

I really can’t tell you what Ada82 was developed on as I am, unfortunately, not a member of Adabas “core” R&D :wink:

The release notes for “current” products point to the availability matrix in empower, and this tells me ADA822
is “supported” on z/OS 1.10 + 1.11 while 8.2.3 is supported on z/OS 1.11 + 1.12, simply because 1.10 is EOM
by IBM in Q3/2011.

This, of course, does NOT mean Adabas support will not handle requests for issues with Ada82 on z/OS 1.7 etc. :!:


First of all, thanks for your replies.

Ursula, we’re using Adabas 4.1.1. and it includes ADAORD also. :lol:
I’ll follow your advice.

There is another question.

As described in Adabas 5 documentation ADALOD utility has VERSION=4 parameter. This allows to load files unloaded from v4 database to v5 database. Can I skip version 5.1.x and load files to v5.3.2 database directly?


I don’t see a version=4 parameter in either the v52 nor v53 manuals.

I know it is possible to convert from v51 to v53 directly, but I can’t tell for v4 → v53,
so just go ahead and try, it won’t do any harm, the max you can expect is that you may
have to redo in more steps.

Hi Boris,

I quickly checked ADALOD and we have still conversion routines included in our code. I have no environment to test but you have, so go ahead and try it.
The FCB is build up from ADALOD but the FDT has to be converted. So running ADAREP afterwards (comparing the FDTs manually) and checking with ADAICK FDTPRINT should give you a good feeling if it worked.


Could he just step through the versions using ADACNV? Seems if the original intent is to upgrade a database, using ADALOD to move all the data around may be quite prohibitive.

Would be better to convert in place if at all possible. Might need some intermediary levels depending on what the ADACNV utility supported at various stages for how far back it would run and convert from.

ADACNV was definitely not available in V4 or V5.1, looking at doc ADACNV does convert from 5.2. but 5.1. is not mentioned there.

So going from V41 to 52 needs to be done anyway. And if he unloads anyway the data and reloads it again it makes no difference to load it immediately in the target version instead of using ADACNV.

As we say here in germany: there are many roads to Rome :slight_smile:

When I look at the old loadlibs ADACNV first officially appeared in ADA71.

ADACNV does not convert single files. It converts complete database (i.e. all files) to a newer version or an older version.

Perhaps it was not called ADACNV but it did also somehow exist in older versions of Adabas but only to revert from the new version you had upgraded to and to a previous version, if you had this requirement e.g. having troubles with the new version.

As Uschi told the startup of nucleus automaticly took care of upgrading to the new version if it detected database to be on an older version until this was put into ADACNV as well. From which version I’m not sure about.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile: