Upgrading EDI packages for webMethods 60


I was going thru. the documentation for webMethods 6.0 upgrade and I found the following:

"webMethods integration platform 6.0 uses flat file schemas instead of templates to convert and validate EDI documents. As part of the process of upgrading to EDI Module 6.0, therefore, you must do the following:

· For EDI transactions, create flat file schemas from original SEFs or IDOCs.
· For non-EDI documents, convert your existing 4.x templates to flat file schemas."

From this I understand that for 6.0 EDI implementation we need to have flat file schemas and we can’t use templates for implementation.
But what happens to the code which has already been written and use template object for validation etc?

Does this mean that we have to go back to the code and make the necessary changes too? Are there any changes in the services under EDI packages like getTemplate etc?

Any information about this and any other issues related to EDI implemetation migration from 4.0 to 6.0 is greatly appreciated.


Is is just me or is anyone else finding the upgrade docs very confusing on updgrading the EDI Modules in 6.01.
On pg. 100 and 101 the first step in the upgrade process points you to pg 103.
On pg 103 the first step points you to pg 100.
An I misreading something here?
Has anyone complete this upgrade and know the correct sequence of steps.
ps. upgrading from 4.6 to 6.01

hi, I am currently working with an EDI programmer to add this info to the platform upgrade guide. I am also reorganizing the chapter to be easier to follow. I will repost the guide and post a msg here as soon as we are done, which I hope will be tomorrow (Thursday).


Great news. Looking forward to it.

(a little off topic for this thread)
Another point to take in general is that the upgrades docs need revamping. The first step in the upgrade guide is to do a full install. But in TN’s case if you followed those instructions you would overwrite your current database. The upgrade guide should include all the necessary steps to complete the upgrade and not confuse you with a fresh install.

Please pass on.

Thanks Marianne,

we are also waiting for that document release for our next upgrade to 6.01

We have updated the EDI upgrade information. Please look for the information in the updated platform upgrade guide (6.0.1) on Advantage Bookshelf tomorrow or Friday.

Chris, I relayed your question about overwriting the TN database to my source for TN upgrade information. He said the instructions should not result in your database being overwritten. To help us understand the problem, can you indicate which release of TN you are upgrading from? He will address your question asap.


Great news!
My comment about the TN database is based on how I interpreted the upgrade docs. The 1st step in the upgrade is to install. It directs you to follow the install guide. How do you know when jump back to the upgrade guide?
I find that a little confusing.

IMO I think it would be clearer if the upgrade guide had all the instructions and did not point to the install guide at all.

Thanks for the follow-up!


After you follow the complete instructions in the installation guide to install 6.0.1 components, you return to the upgrade guide and complete those instructions. It would not really change anything if I duplicated the installation instructions in the upgrade guide, because the installation instructions would still be in a separate part of the guide, and you would still have to go there and come back. In addition, I would have 150 page of duplicated doc, which is always difficult to keep exactly in synch, and the upgrade guide would increase by 150 pages. Neither of these things is popular with users.

Good luck with your upgrade.


I don’t mean to dwell on this. But isn’t TN one of the components you’re referring to in the installation guide? If I followed the “complete instructions” it tells you to run the create tables scripts for TN. That’s where the confusion lied for me.