Upgrading command central

Im trying to upgrade my CC
when i execute “jar cfM ZIP_file_name common\conf profiles\CCE profiles\SPM install\products”
im getting jar command not found error

I have set jar path as below
vim /etc/profile
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/sun/jdk/v1.6.0_16-64bit/
export PATH = $JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

where im i going wrong?

When you want to execute a jar you need to do

java -jar ...

Hi Wolfgang,

I tried using
java -jar cfM CCE_103.zip common\conf profiles\CCE profiles\SPM install\products

im getting below error
Error: Unable to access jarfile cfM

Do i need to add these in /etc/profile ?

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/sag/wm103_cc/jvm/jvm/
export PATH = $JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

Sorry, I see you are on 1e of the upgrade checklist, this is indeed about executing the jar command as you posted.

Are there really whitespaces in your “export PATH = …” ?

If yes, then chances are you don’t pick up the java bin path, please check with an echo $PATH

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Thanks for the reply Wolfganag,
somehow with the following command i was able to access the jar for zipping the old CC(10.3).
/opt/wm103/jvm/jvm/bin/jar -cfM CCE_10v3.zip /opt/wm103/common/conf/ /opt/wm103/profiles/CCE/ /opt/wm103/install/products/