Upgrade from webMethods Integration Server 10.5 to version 10.7 on the same system? (upgrade on place)

What product/version are you using?

webMethods integration server 10.5/7

Are you using a Free Trial or product with a customer license?

Product with a customer license

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

Hi all, someone can tell us if it is possible to upgrade from webMethods integration server 10.5 to ver 10.7 on the same system? (upgrade on place) thanks all

Hi Maria,

yes, this is possible by doing a side-by-side migration (parallel installations of both versions).
See the Upgrading webMethods Products Guide for further informations.

You will have to take a DB-dump and import it to a new schema, which then can be transformed to new version.
Point the new installation to cloned and migrated new schema then.


Linking to similar question for 10.11 upgrade in place

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Same here - i need to upgrade from 10.5 to 10.7 and would much prefer in place upgrade…

Hi all,

overinstall in same location most likely will not work as this can lead to classpath issues due to having multiple versions of the bundled apis simultaneously loaded into classpath.


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