Migrate Integration Server to 10.11

We are using Integration Server 10.5 and want to migrate to 10.11 mainly because of the new JVM.

Installer shows me that it can only be made with side by side approach.
The versions are so near that it is strange that cannot be done with overinstall.
Will webMethods make this possible in the future ?

The documentations says that there is a direct papth of migration between 10.5 an 10.11. What does this mean ?

Hi Joao,

overinstall upgrades were stopped some years ago (see “Supported Upgrade Pathes” Guide for details).
Upgrade procedure is described in the “Updating webMethods Products” Guide.

Direct migration path means that the provided migration utilities for database schemas and services can cover this.
When there is no direct migration path you will need to perform a 2-hop migration via an intermediate release .


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If using Command Central, you can use it to perform (under the cover) overinstall. Please have a look @ “Same Installation Directory, Hosts, and Ports; Live Database” in Upgrade Guide - Untitled (softwareag.com).


In practice, the lack of overinstall is not that bad. You can create a parallel directory on the same host. The upgraded software comes up on the same host, listening on the same ports, etc., so clients are not impacted.

It also makes rollback planning easy - just restart the existing software in place.


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