Upgrade CAF and BPM/Tasks from 9.12 to 10.3

Hi Team,

We have one CAF application and BPM process with tasks involved. We need to upgrade it from 9.12 to 10.3

  • As there is no direct upgrade path from 9.12 to 10.3, we have to do like 9.12 -> 10.1 -> 10.3. Is this thinking correct?

  • Migration of process and MWS related tables using DB component configuration from 9.12 to 10.1 then followed 10.1 to 10.3.

  • During DB tables migration, will there be any chance of data loss in tables? We aren’t looking for any data loss with respect to process/tasks data.

  • Any challenges/issues faced during migration of this components and resolution of the same?

  • Is there any way we can extract the CAF projects from MWS instance and load them into designer to perform code changes? ( generic - not related to upgrade)

Appreciate your responses.

Firoz Nalband.

Answers to below points identified

    • 9.12 can be directly upgraded to 10.3 as per SAG upgrade path.
    • MWS and Process audit data can be migrated from 9.12 to 10.3 using Database configuration. ( apply latest patch of 9.12 first, perform DB migration followed by DB migration using 10.3
    • CAF project code can be imported in 10.3 designer and perform repair to fix any CAF issues.

In future, I will update to this thread if any issues identified during the same.



as 10.5 has been released recently I would prfefer to migrate to 10.5 instead.

You should put your designer projects (models and tasks and CAF UI) under version control.
Then you can just perform a fresh checkout to the new designer workspace and upgrade the projects.
As Designer is Eclipse-based you can use any version control system for which Eclipse Marketplace provides a plugin for.
Additionally this makes it easier when wworking with several developers on your code base.

You should check for Local Service Development feature as well as this allows to versioning IntegrationServer packages too.

As this will be a side-by-side migration any way you should take a snapshot of your database and perform the migration on this snapshot instead of the real database.


Thanks Holger for sharing your feedback.

The customer I’m working for is using 10.3 as their standard webmethods version across projects. So can’t go with 10.5 for now.

We are using GIT and bitbucket to commit the code changes on remote repository.

We are cloning the DB and running DB migration scripts on top of it. Facing some challenge in this for now, for which I opened a different topic on the same.