Optimize for processes

I have a question to everyone. is there any company that works with Optimize for processes?

My company has been involved for years with webMethods BPM and it has been impossible to make it work.


Hi Juan,

can you provide some details what you have already tried to configure and where it fails to get it working?
Which version of wM are you using?


Hi Hoger.

Thanks for your answer. The issue is complex to explain, hence my question as general.

We have been worked with webMethods from the release v8.2 and currently we are working with the release v10.7.

Honestly , I think that there is no any company is working with Optimize.

Thanks again.

Hi Juan,

sorry for the late reply but I was on vacations last week.

We were able to configure and use Optimize for Process on wM 9.5 and wM 9.12.
Therefore I have asked about some details to find out where exactly the installation/configuration breaks.

Was the Optimize Environment (AnalyticsEngine,WSDataCollector) configured and deployed in MWS Administration?
Whne these engines are running, you need to define some artifacts in the BPM in Designer as well as in the Process Administration in MWS.

Here are some guides from SAG you can check (available in the Documentation section):

  • Administering_Optimize.pdf
  • Configuring_BAM.pdf
  • Optimize_Users_Guide.pdf



I have been working with Optimize for Process at least for last 7 years in WM 10.1, 10,3 and 10.5 and didn’t have much issues with it. Could you explain what exactly the challenge that you face?


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