Updating provisioning profile

Team - how do I update a Provisioning Profile for a mobile app that expired?
Issue: my “Native UI Demo”, which runs on iPad, can no longer run since provisioning profile expired. I get the message “The application ‘Native UI Demo’ cannot be opened because the provisioning profile has expired”.


Hi Sami,

The provisioning profiles for iOS only have a limited lifespan, I’m afraid. The project would need resigning with a newly generated profile, and both the new profile and app-build would need uploading to the phone. This is the downside of that ‘development signing’ solution.



Hi Sami,

Just to add here, it may be possible to use the tool Organizer inside XCode to drag the updated profile onto the device. This may then be valid for the signed application already on the device. It’s not something I’ve tried but certainly worth a try if you are trying to avoid re-signing like Nick just described.