Multi build error for iOS 6.1

Hi All,
I am trying to do multi build on a new Mac machine for iPhone.
I have set the SDK properties file to point to xcode app

But the multi build fails because of following error
/opt/wmMobileDesigner/Platforms/iOS/platform_buildscript.xml:377: Warning: Could not find file /Applications/ to copy.
<<< ERROR: Build failed for "NativeUIDemoiPad2INTL" >>>

I checked the file system, then figured out that the iOS sdk is 6.1, but by default mobile designer is pointing to 6.0

please let me know where I can configure the iOS version.

Vageesh Shadakshari
Global Consulting Services - INDIA

Hi Vageesh,

in the file "platform_buildscript.xml" you can replace or add entries for the sdk version 6.1.

Christian Ruehle, a colleague of mine, has already done that, you find the file attached.


David Mamsch

Junior Consultant Mobile Solutions

Practice Mobile

Hi All,

It is inadvisable to change any of the files that get delivered by Mobile Designer, as your changes might get overwritten by a future update to the product. Instead, I would suggest you set the properties ios.sdk.version to 6.1 and the to 4.3 in the iOS target files for your project, in this instance. The scripts will be updated to properly recognise the 6.1 sdk in the future, but in the mean time, adding these property values is your best solution.


Spencer Nelson