Android build failed


I am trying out the NativeUIexercises.I have updated the file with the location of the android sdk instillation.

I’m trying to do the MultiBuild to create an android build. I get the below exception.

ERROR: The path specified by “android.platform.dir.root” in your “” file (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk/platforms/android-7”) does not exist - please check this value
C:\SoftwareAG\wMMobileDesigner\Platforms\Android\platform_buildscript.xml:294: null

I have downloaded the Android SDK and I have the version android-15 installed. Any idea why I have to specifically install android-7?

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Hi Sandeep,
Please see the answer below from Nick. This maybe what you are looking for.
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Hi David,

That should be controlled by the “android.min.sdk.version” property. This should be mentioned in the “Mobile_Designer_Properties.pdf” document.



Perfect. Thanks.

Thanks and Regards