Hi all,

Anyone got Bedrock working with iOS5.0?

I stupidly updated my iPad2 to iOS5 and had to upgrade the SDK and Xcode to 4.2 and now Bedrock isn’t working correctly.

When I do a multi-build it still references SDK 4.3 when now it should be 5.0, also, the g++ referenced is g+±4.2 and this no longer exists, it’s just g++

I have fixed these issues by editing the buildtime/buildscript/v0.0.0/platforms/iphone-app.xml and by symbolically linking g+±4.2 to g++.

Now it compiles but fails to find the provisioning profile in the project so I guess it’s not copying it or something… Still investigating…

Anyone else working on this?



Hi all, update…

I have now deployed the app and it works hooray!!

The only problem that I have is that before the update I deployed using “adhoc release” but now when I try this I get an error from codesign:

iPhone Distribution: Software AG: no identity found

This is the name which is in the foundations property as the iPhone.distcodesign

Is this the wrong value to use or has something changed in 5.0?



Hi Ian,

you probably don’t have the distribution certificate that is required to sign an adhoc build (which by definition is a distribution build) on your mac. Codesign searches your mac’s keychain for the appropriate certificate everytime you build the app. If it cannot find a certificate it will print out the error that you quoted.

Best wishes,

p.s. there have been no changes in iOS5 in regards to codesigning

Hi Steffen,

Do you know where I should have got that certificate from? I must have had it before…



The distribution certificate will work (when downloaded from Apple’s provisioning portal) only on the machine on which the certificate signing request was made. You have to export the private key from there and import it on your mac. Only then should you be able to sign distribution builds. If it works anyway then codesign was probably not signing a distribution build but a “normal” debug build instead.

Best wishes,