Update Manager issue

I ran the UpdateManagerCMD.sh on Linux. Wanted to view fixes installed on a webMethods IS. I specified the home directory of webMethods and it says
“Specified install directory is not valid webMethods directory”.

In the directory I specified has IS installed…and the IS is up and running…
Any one knows about this would be helpful for a reply…
webMethods Version: 9.5
Update Manager is also latest.


Hi Vijju ,

Can you please run the update manager for other webMethods installation and check if it is listing the fixes correctly or not.

Also check <<SoftwareAG_Home>>/install directory exist on the installation where you are running the update manager.

If you want to have a look at the installed fixes on your IS, you can get it from different means.

1> From IS about page
2> Via command central


in addition to mashesh´s options there is 3rd one:

The Updates page. (/WmRoot/updates.dsp)

There is a Link on the About page (1st option from Mahesh) leading to Updates page.


Hi Rakesh
Thanks for the reply. install directory is present but there were some missing files in it. I placed them and it recognized the directory and was able to see the fixes.