Update Manager Error

Am getting the attached error while creating the image for latest TN fixes.

Any idea on this.

wM version 8.2.2

Trading Networks
Trading Networks Console
Trading Networks Portal
EDI Module 8.0 SP1 Fix 29

Give a retry?

Also check what error logs says at UpdateManager\logs\error

Hi Krishna,

this means that the Fixes depend on each other resulting in a loop when checking the dependencies.

Can you try to select only some of them for one run of the UpdateManager and then try to add the others in a second run?



Even i thought the same, I tried all options. But it’s not working. When i select only few fixes it required to install others as well, So again i have deadlock there.

May be i need to add old fixes in the image first, but i am not sure. I will check today that.


Didn’t find much information in error logs, it’s shows the same error.


This issue has been resolved by adding the old fixes into the image.