Unknown error during Invert

I have Predict 4.4.1 running under Suse Linux, still working the bugs out,
Trying to add a field to a file, so, I add the field to Std, cat the std works ok. I am able to .H the field into the file, Field is a descriptor, I can save the file, but when I try to Gen AF , I receive this error:
Error occurred in INVERT :

No thats not a typo, that is the error msg I get.
Could be my own doing, but where do I even start?
Can someone shed some light on this?

Be happy you got an error! Sometimes it looks like the gen has happened but it hasn’t, because you get the successful message. I always immediately try to gen again so I can see if it really was successful. There is no Online Services for Unix so as I understand it, Predict fires off scripts to do the work, and I guess it doesn’t always know whether the job was successful or not.
Possible reasons for the invert giving an error - maybe the file was in use. That option to stop the users has never worked for me on Unix. Also maybe the file is too big to invert without increasing the LWP size. Maybe there is a way to increase this for Predict (help somebody?) but when we have this problem we just use the ADAINV utility and don’t do it thru Predict.


  1. I’d say ‘TERMINATED’ is the word, not that that helps.

  2. After the error if you %% out and do LASTMSG do you get something more informative?