New field added, cant get it to input to the local

Well. I modified a file in Predict, to add a field. I generated the adabas file and the ddm, went to edit the local where the view is, deleted the view in order to bring it back in with the new field, but it’s not there. Must have missed something,
I also noticed that the file nbr’s all show 999 in Predict in Linux, but the mainframe shows the correct file nbr.
Could it be these problems are related?
I’ve been unable to find the cause as of yet,
Could use some help…thanks in advance.

Seems when you gen a ddm in Linux, you will also need to copy the ddm to the application library from library system, Reason is: Linux Predict only generates the ddm in Library System… If someone figures out how to get the ddm automatically generated into the Application Library, Please respond.
THis Inquiring mind needs to know:)
Thanks in advance,

It isn’t necessary to copy the ddm to another library as it is visible to any library from library SYSTEM. When you migrated from the mainframe maybe you put all the ddms in the application library. I would suggest you move all the ddms to library SYSTEM. This also stops having multiple versions of the ddm in different libraries, which is real easy in Unix!
My DDMs all have the correct file number, so can’t help you with that one. Does this happen when you regenerate the DDM from Predict? If so it sounds like a bug.

You’re correct, I put all the ddm’s in the application lib. My bad. So I will change that around and see how that works. I’ll post back in a few days or whenever I finish that task, thanks,
It doesnt matter if I regenerate in Predict.
Actually I am looking at the ‘Modify DDM in Natural Security’ screen…
I posted this in the Natural Security Forum also…
So I’m not sure if it’s Predict or Security …