Generate DDM - Open System (LINUX)


Is there a way to generate ddm in a specific library, because, as default, the ddm is being generated in SYSTEM library.


Sure, logon to that library first, then go to Services → DDM Services

Hi Wolfgang,

Ok, but if you are using PREDICT and the function GENERATING DDM (G - DD) in the menu, how can I change the library? For this function, I also need to set the workfile 3, and DDM is stored in the SYSTEM library, as default.


Sorry, I hadn’t payed close enough attention to the subforum you posted this in …

I don’t think you can change this during generation,
just move the ddm to the specific library afterwards.

Guess I am confused here, and maybe it’s because your context is the Linux OS, but some concepts should carry across platforms.

In this case, if the DDM is considered to be an object in SYSTEM and SYSTEM is a steplib to every library, wouldn’t it be found regardless of where the code is?

If Natural Security is used, the only thing he would have to do is provide read or update links from his library to this new DDM.

Hi Wolfgang,

I am doing exactly it. Thanks.

Hi, Brian,

in this environment, there is no NSC installed, and the customer decided to use another library as STEPLIB of DDMs. I am trying to change this decision in order to keep the DDM in the SYSTEM library. The question would be only to know if there would be other way to generate DDM in other library rather than SYSTEM. So far, as the answer is no, so I will do what I was doing and what Wolfgang said. Thanks.

I had another idea, but I think you need NSC to support multiple STEPLIBs, so it wouldn’t then be possible to include SYSTEM as well as whatever other library was made to be the steplib (support for up to 8 or 10 steplibs).

I find it odd that it’s possible to not have SYSTEM be a steplib. I didn’t think that was possible or advisable. Seems lots of other things would break under such an environment besides DDMs not being accessible.

I understand it wasn’t your decision nor under your control, though. I can ask “why” all I won’t and it won’t change a thing.

Good luck!

John, check the FDDM Natural parameter, I assume that’ll solve it for you.

Brian, DDMs are handled differently on OpenSystems, they are not stored
on FDIC as on the mainframe. Usually they are stored within the library itself,
or in SYSTEM, but the FDDM parameter can be used to centralize it and make
it behave more or less like mainframe Natural.

Hi Wolfgang,

sorry for delaying in answering you, but I was in other project. regarding your suggestion, at this point, I will let the solution as it is today, because I dont want to delay the schedule, after it, I will test it, and also I will let you know.


great to know