NSC Linked DDMs - Display in Library - NO DDMs shown

I am working on setting up a project (local mode) and adding objects to my project from the linux server (NDV) environment. The NDV environment is security with NSC. All DDMs are in the SYSTEM library. DDMs that are not public, are ‘linked’ to my library. Meaning they do not show in the SYSTEM library, but if I use the ‘L V *’ command in my application library, the DDM appears - (pointing back to SYSTEM).

In NaturalONE I have added the library to my project, along with the SYSTEM library. But the source for the DDMs in question do not appear in the SYSTEM library, nor do they appear in my project library. I set the ‘Display DDMs in Library’.

SO panic sets in…

THEN I find another parm…

‘Handling of missing objects.’ - ‘Read from server’…


Which means I do NOT need the entire library in my project…!

fact check please, is this how it is suppose to work?



Yes James, that is indeed the way it is supposed to work. If the option is set, when any referenced object is needed it is quietly read in the background. You may notice a slight delay while this occurs when compared to having the objects included in the project.

Cheers, Graeme