Unix: EntireX update installation

Hi all EntireX user,

when installing EntireX Communicator version 721 I found a directory called U7211 and V721 on cdrom.

Is there anybody out there who can explain what the U-directory resp. the V-directory is for ?



This is a bit of a guess, but I would assume that the V721 contains the release version (V) of Entire X 7.2.1 and the U7211 contains the updates (U) to take that version to (patch level 1)


Hi Peter,
thanks a lot. But when you dive into the share U and V directory you will find two different install.stp files.

For me it does not make any sense to have two different stepfiles, execpt the update stepfiles is there just to perform an extraction which it does obviously do not.

In my understanding the installation on the customer target system should be the same when I install

  1. on a new system the “V721” version and automatically the “U7211” version
  2. on an existing “V721” version an installation calling setup.ux exx u7211.

I would just do a setup.ux from the base level directory and trust that the installation developers know what they are doing and pick up the correct files from the sub-directories :slight_smile:



I suggest that you cross-post this question in the EntireX Forum.
Then you have a better chance to meet an expert.