Solaris and EXX

Dear my Friends, :slight_smile:

we want to install EntireX Communicator on a Solaris Unix. But we want to have 2 environments : Test- and Productionsenvironment.

We want to define the Home Directories ($HOME ) “/usr/TSAG” and “/usr/ SAG” on the same solaris machine.

And the files must have owner-name / group-name “tsag” and “sag” for each environment.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, the home directoy for the “sag” must be defined only “/usr/SAG” , and the administrator account must be only “sag” , and the
group must be only “sag”, too.

How can i differentiate our environments by installation and by scriptmanaging ? and How can EXX Manager program differentiate these environments ?
And how can i use SMH for these environments, because only one SMH allowed for each machine ?

Please help me, if you have an experience ! :rolleyes:

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Serdar,

You can use different values for the environment variable SAG to install and operate independent versions of EntireX Communicator. However, it is also required to avoid conflicts with unique machine resources like TCP/IP ports if you want to run two or more installations in parallel. Examples are the Broker ports (default is TCP/IP port 1971) and the SMH port - the SMH installations checks whether its port is in use and allocates a differetn one if this is the case).

Hope this helps,
Regards, Dietmar.

Servus Dietmar,

thank you for your Information. After installation and test , we can discuss about it.
I inform you as soon as possible.I’m concerning only about 2 X SMH, that they will be installed during EXXs for Test- and Productionsenvironment automatically.
Perhaps, i can ignore one of them, and try to use only one.

have a nice day