Unexpected Document Type Version Mismatch

Hello everyone,

I’m using webMethods version 10.3 and facing an unusual issue.

I’m submitting a document from the designer, using the service wm.tn.doc.xml:routeXml and when I give this string as a node input:

TN recognizes the document and successfully process.

But when I change CONTRL:S:2:UN to CONTRL:4:2:UN, it doesn’t recognize the document. When I check the content tab, I see that the type is CONTRL as expected but the version is “42”. Do you know the reason for that and how to fix this problem?

Thank you.

What version of EDIFACT is being used? What is prompting the change of the subfield from S to 4? It is possible that 4 is not supported for the doc version you’re using. Is this a document you’re sending to a partner or receiving?

Hi Reamon,

Contrl version 2.2 is the one that we want to use but I can only choose Contrl version 2 from TN, when adding a new document type. And it accepts the documents where the first character is a letter after the “Contrl” word. That’s why I gave the example with “S” and “4”. It recognizes CONTRL:S:2 and says that the version is 2, but when I submit CONTRL:2:2, it says that document is unknown and the version is 22. If I submit CONTRL:4:2, again, it says that document is unknown and the version is 42.

And the submitted document is what we want to send to a partner.

You may need to import/install the EDIFACT version/release to TN that you want to use. It has been well over a decade since I’ve done EDI work but I recall that it is relatively straight-forward to make additional versions and messages available. Perhaps that is what is needed here, if the recipient is indicating they must receive that particular version of the CONTRL message.

Hi Reamon,

On TN, from the Document Types tab, I click on the Add Document Types button but for CONTRL, only version 2 appears. Is there another way to import an edifact version?

Many thanks in advance.

Do you have same fix level on both sides?

Hi Engin,

Currently I’m trying to figure out if there is another way to import an edifact version. Do you have any knowledge about it?

Many thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with TN. This kind of odd behaviors are usually fixed by installing latest fixes. So I thought it might related to having different versions on the environments. Since it is a very old version, I doubt you are the first person who experienced this issue for the first time. It should be fixed by now so I would install the latest fixes and check if it fixes your problem.


X12 has SEF files available to add other versions to TN. I think EDIFACT has SEFs or something similar as well. SAG support may be able to provide guidance here. It will be for an entire set of messages for a version, not just select messages. Once in TN, then you can select the messages you need to handle.

Regarding @engin_arlak thought that this may be addressed via fix – may be right but I’m thinking this is doc version thing.