Unable to view Transactions in MWS

Hi Experts,

Need your help to identify and fix issue of MWS.
I am unable to view TN transaction via MWS->Applications->Monitoring->Integration->B2B->Transaction.

Prior I did one of wiring setting change on Transactions page since then I am unable to view and now setting page is not visible through properties page.

Latest version & fix details on server
MWS Version

Build Date: 2016-09-02
Installed Fixes: MWS_9.9.0_Fix3,MWS_9.9.0_Fix5

TN Version
Build Date: 2015-09-01
Installed Fixes: TN_9.9_MWS_Fix3

Please let me know if anyone came across similar problem and solution to fix that.

Kuldeep Gupta

To solve this issue:
Login as sysadmin

  • Navigate to
    Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Install Administration
  • Open Mywebmethods subtree
  • Select Tn
  • Uninstall it first and then “install selected” it again.
  • Wait for MWS finishes the re-installation
  • not required server restart.