My webMethods Search issue

Hi Friends,

I am facing one issue in My webMethods Server 7.1.2. we have dev, QA and Prod environment. MWS has TN configuration so we are able to see and resubmit the transaction from MWS. The issue is, in dev MWS, when we do transaction search in Integration - B2B-transactions, we are able to see 4-5 columns. while in QA we are seeing 10 columns. Now there is a SQL query that returns this columns in search.

In dev MWS, I can see the query when I hit on the Show SQL tab but I am not able to add more columns as we have in QA. Can any body help me to change this query or if I need to make other configurations.


You probably have different TN_MWS_7-1-2_FixN installed on both environments.

Upgrade to latest TN_MWS_7-1-2_Fix

Hi Dev, Thanks for the reply. I have got the solution to increase the number of columns appearing in transaction search. Its not something related to configuration or fixes. In MWS we have tabs available on the up right corner in the search. When we click on it, it allows you to add and arrange columns as per the requirement.

I have another issue, MWS is running very slow. I am not sure what could be the reason. MWS DB schema is also latest. Can you please suggest what could be the reason.