AT-TN Integration Troubleshooting Guide

AT – TN Integration Troubleshooting Guide:

If you are planning to do an application to application integration, it is always a known fact that we get to experience common problems which can slow down our enthusiasm of getting things done or make things work.

Hence I am grouping these kind of common problems together and creating this troubleshooting guide on AT – TN Integration for people like me who might face these issues.

I have also created tech community paper on AT-TN Integration in case if you are interested please refer to this link.

Let’s discuss more on expected problem statements:

Problem statement 1:

Active Transfer does not list the Partners configured in TN, while adding VFS.


This can be a problem of not syncing the Partner profiles with AT after configuring TN in AT .

To achieve this, you need to run an IS service “wm.mft.assets.partner:syncPartnerProfiles” and reload wmMFT package or restart Integration server.

Problem statement 2:

Access denied errors in IS logs on running “wm.mft.portal.admin:pingMFTServer” service.


Ideally this service is used to test the MFT server connection, if this is failing due to access denied error. There is a possibility that Users does not have enough permission to connect to MFT.

Else verify whether central users are configured properly or MFT Administrator might not be having the required access to perform this operation.

Problem statement 3:

MFT Administrator and MWS Users Roles missing from MWS.


Please verify your installation for this issue, if you have missed installing MWS UI for Active transfer these roles does not come as part of MWS pre-installed roles.

Problem statement 4:

TN does not show configured AT VFS under Delivery settings of partner. Instead shows as ‘Unable to connect to Active Transfer’.


There might be numerous ways because of which this issue might come but following are some of those reasons you can look for:

  • AT is not configured with the correct Alias
  • MFT Administrator does not have the required permissions
  • Required MFT Roles are missing from the installation
  • Central users are not configured properly
  • ACLs are not configured Properly especially for MFTMWSUsers.

Problem statement 5:

com.softwareag.mft.common.exception.MFTException:  Error executing Execute Trading Network service


Verify Active Transfer instances are available in MWS by navigating to

Administraton --> My Webthods -->System Settings --> Active Transfer Instances

If a server is not configured, please configure one.

Also, you might get this issue if you are using these TN services inside you post-processing rule or scheduled events.

Please verify the input signature of the same, currently there is an issue new MFT UI in 10.4 where if you invoke TN service using new MFT service these input signature will not be saved.

You need to login to MWS and access the old MFT UI and update the changes.

Following is the screenshot to illustrate the changes from old and new MFT UI:

When you invoke TN service in new UI and get to fetch those details in old UI:

When you invoke TN service in old UI and fetch those details in old UI itself: