Unable to start cache manager on IS


I have 10.15 setup on IS and TC. I have started TC server and I’m able to see this in the TMC as well. However, when I try to add a cache manager in IS pointing to TC server and start, I get error java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create toolkit.
I’m attaching tc_config.xml as well as cache manager configurations.
Any pointers in this issue.?
TC_CacheManager_Error.docx (219.9 KB)
tc-config.xml (687 Bytes)

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Does it enable when you hit No below column Enabled? Also please provide your fix level and Terracotta and IS server log file.

Can you please share Error and Server logs? Please make sure that you have applied required terracotta license key for Distributed Cache Manager to work.



Issue resolved. I found the error logs stating license key not found in C:\SoftwareAG\common\conf folder. I placed the license file in this location and started the cache manager successfully.

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