Unable to publish process model


Unable to publish process model. When I try to publish process model it asking to configure “Centrasite >> Connections”.

I have MWS and local IS mapped in designer. Please guide me on this.


Is your intention to make the process executable, or to publish metadata about it for dependency analysis?

If it is to execute the model, you don’t want to “publish” it. Instead, you want to use the “Build and Upload” button which compiles the process into executable flows, triggers, and scripts to make it go at runtime. For this, you only need IS and MWS.

By contrast, if you right-click and “Publish” the process, that will extract metadata about the model (names of swimlanes, steps, as well as the list of tasks, rules, services and child processes that it references), then publish this metadata to a central registry: Centrasite. So to do this, you will need an installation of Centrasite running and configured in the Designer preferences.

It sounds like you want to do the former, so you can ignore the “publish” option and ignore Centrasite as well.


Yes Michael, ‘Build and Upload’ solved my purpose.