New to process model


Am new to process model.
I have installed Designer 8.0 ( mapped Integration server like SoftwareAG > IS > settings). When I create a new project, any package or folder is not getting generated. Could you please guide me.

And I see no WmModeler package. Can I know what are the basic requirements and setup to be done for creating the process model.

  • Sam


Could you please check these components are up and running in your system:-

  1. Integration Server ( Process Engine resides here)
  2. Broker
  3. My WebMethods Server ( Task Engine resides here)
  4. webMethods Analytic Engine

You need to have properly configured the process audit database.

Now from the designer in the Process Development Prospective try creating a process project. Inside the process project create a process.

Try developing a sample model in the “Process Developer Mode”. When you Build & upload the model for execution, you can see the associated packages in the physical IS.

Note: Please do not put the Receive Signal Step in the external pool.

Please let us know if it worked.


As sasanka said, follow those steps to create a process model… Once you build and upload the model for execution, you could see the build report with all flow services that are generated for each step in your model…

If you use Designer, by default, you cannot see the package and its corresponding services from Service Development perspective…

Go to Window > Preferences > SoftwareAG > Service Development > Package Navigator.

Uncheck the option ‘Hide generated flow services’. You should be able to see the flow services generated by the process model during build/upload activity…