Generating a business process in modeler 601

Hi All,

can we generate a business process without having a subscribing/publishable document, as the trigerring event.


Hi Badrinath

Publish/subscribe model is used to orchestrate your business process. In order to ensure true asynchronous and robust execution of your business process, you should really stick to this approach.
If you really need to do this, you could write your own flow service to orchestrates the business process instead of using publish/subscribe model. Of course by doing this you loose all the goodies that WM provides for your (Process Run-Time).
Sometimes we use this approach to test a business process, inputs/outputs and such, but never in production.


Hido Hasimbegovic

Hi Hido,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It was of immense help for me in eradicating my fixed mind set.

But here in my scenario,

I have an EDI file coming from VAN, this EDI file is picked up by a scheduler and submitted to Trading networks and from there, using processing rules, i am submitting the contents to the developer again for doing all the business rules. Finally an IDOC file is created and it is send to SAP using an RFC call. We have used IDOC and EDI schema for mapping the inputs and we have used fileflat schema for validating

so what are the steps to Incorporate the above said condition in process modeler

Thanks and regards

You can use the Trading Networks document to trigger the Model.