Error while building a ProcessModel


Iam using webMehods 7.1. Designer tool has been installed.
And i designed a simple Process Model.
While building this, the following error is getting.
And i can’t find WmPRT package in the IntegrationServer.

Error: "Error accessing services in the WmPRT Package. Please make sure WmPRT package is installed and enabled on your IS connected to the logical server “Default”. Step ID: “S21”


It seems to be ProcessEngine is not installed in your IS. First install ProcessEngine from image and start developing business process from designer.


Process Engine has been installed. A simple process model has been designed.
while i build a process, the following message coming.

Build of process “process1” completed successfully at Wed Jul 05 23:48:26 PDT 2010
Upload for execution of process “process1” completed successfully.

When i publish a document to the broker, the following error is coming in IS Admin Console.

“[2881]2010-05-05 23:49:52 PDT [ISS.0098.0049C] [PRT.0101.9613] There are no enabled Processes matching this trigger: ProcessModels.process1.Default:subscriptionTrigger while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for TriggerStore:ProcessModels.process1.Default:subscriptionTrigger.”

Process Model you created is not enabled for execution, once the process model is successfully build and uploaded for execution, you need to log in to MWS (my webmethods screen) , go to administration --> Business Process … locate your process model and enable it for execution … (by default new process models are not enabled automatically)…

Alternatively you can use this service to enable your model as well … wm.prt.monitor:setModelEnabled, service require EnableModelID (give the model ID which you can find from designer though your process file) and model version.