Unable to Integrate UM with Optimize on wM 10.0


I am unable to integrate Optimize with UM on wM 10.0
I am able to connect Broker 9.6 with wM 10.0 and test optimize features but not with UM.

Seeing the below mentioned error in logs.
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: JMS Provider admin objects initialization error!

In KB articles could see that the issue was resolved after fix installation. (for earlier versions).

Have installed the fixes but no use.

Any pointers will be helpful.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Syed,

did you reconfigure and redploy your optimize environment for this?
After this you will need to restart the optimize engines.


Hi Holger,

I have reconfigured and redeployed the environment and also restarted optimize engine.

but no help.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hey Faraz,

Can you check your endpoints correctly on “Mapping Endpoints”? If you have fixed the issue, kindly update.