Unable to install webMethods 82 on windows 7 using softwareAG installer

When I’m trying to install webMethods 82 using softwareAG installer in my system, I’m getting the attached Installer dialogue box image.

If I click on extract files, few files are extracted and I’m getting jar file.
When I run the jar file, I’m seeing SAG Installer button and gave the image file and clicked on Next button.
I’m seeing an attached installer error.

Can some one help me what is the problem, I have while doing installation.

Installer dialogue box.JPG
Installer error.JPG

Hi Prasad,

you should just run the exe-installer it will automatically extract the files needed to temp directory and run the Installer UI from there.

When running the exe or jar in a command prompt window manually you can add “-console” parameter and then you will get the CLI version of the Installer.