Unable to Install package

I have a package that I have archived from DEV and trying to install in Test but will not.
I keep getting the following error
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1

Anyone seen this before? Ideas?

What kinds of services are in your package? Could there be a java service that would not compile on DEV, but for which the source was saved? One way to check is to recompile any java services in this package in DEV.

Are the JVM versions the same on both servers?



All are flow services and one document definition.


I followed up with Chris on this to see how he resolved it …

… check root folder of the package and make sure that you only have manifest.v3. I had edited mine in an editor and had a manifest.v3.bak and that seemed to cause the problem

So created another release excluding the .bak file and was able to import it successfully.

Thank you all
This thread saved my time

Thanks and Regards,
Punith Reedy.T