Unable to import existing projects on IS from using Service Designer

Hi ,
Recently i have installed Service Designer to get an understanding around the Unit Test Perspective provided by the Service Designer.
I can create new packages followed by new flow services and write Test Suites for the newly created Flow services, however i am not able to import the existing projects on the IS(to be precise move the packages on IS) of the New Service Designer, provided that i am getting option of “Move package to IS” when i right click on the package that i want to upload on IS from the navigator view.

It would be really helpful if anyone could provide some help regarding importing the existing projects and moving them to IS in the new Service Designer(with Unit Test Perspective).

Hi Bhanushali,

Thanks for reaching out to us. There are couple of Videos/Articles are available in the following locations, could you please go through the same & let us know if it resolves your issue. If not, then you may need to share additional errors/exceptions that you are facing.


http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/webMethods%20Service%20Designer%20videos (Check “Integrating a Version Control System (VCS) with webMethods Service Designer”).


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Hi Jay,

Those articles from Prashant explain everything pretty well.
Just to point out the important part in the second article, that is easily overlooked!

You need to start Designer as Administrator for using VCS integration. This is because Designer needs to create symbolic links so Designer and the Server can access the same files.

Designer can’t create the windows ‘junction’ (equivalent of a symbolic link in Linux) without having administrator privileges, so you’ll need to right click the designer icon and run as Administrator for it to work.


Hi Dave,
Now with latest refresh of Service Designer 10.5, user don’t need to start Designer with Admin privileges, the VCS related operations will work fine without elevated rights as well. Please refer below refresh announcement which we made some time in June 2020.



Not sure how I missed that - but that’s great! It’s been a cause of confusion for many users for a long time!

Great Thanks Dave,
Actually i already imported the packages into my Package explorer but it was not allowing me to move those packages to IS. But after following your advice and starting the Service Designer as Administrator it worked :star_struck: .

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