Unable to connect a My webMethods Server Instance from Designer

Hi Everyone,

I have tried to Create “My webMethods Server” Data Provider from designer. Keep asking username/password.

However, i can access from Browser view

Kindly need your inputs.

Followed below steps:
1.In the Servers view of the UI Development perspective, right-click and click New > Server.
2.In the Select the server type list, select My webMethods Server (Remote).
3.In the Server’s host name field, type the host name of the server. The default value is localhost.
4.(Optional) In the Server name field, type a name to identify the server instance in the Servers view.
5.Click Next.


Hi Abdullah,

which roles does the user belong to, with which you are trying to connect to MWS from Designer?

I am not sure, if MyWebmethods Administrators is sufficient here. Eventually you will need a user, which is member of the Admin role (like sysadmin).

You might want to check the “Working with Designer” guide as well as the “myWebmethods Administrators” guide for further informations.


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Hi Holger von Thomsen,

Tried with similar sysadmin user , then i am able to connect.
Thanks for your support.