Unable to add Installation in the CCE user Interface


On Adding the new Installation through the command Central User Interface, the installation status shows as Offline.
The error message displayed on the top of the user interface after adding the new Installation is
GET http://Hostname:port/spm/inventory/components?refresh=true returned a response status of 401 Unauthorized

I have checked that the Platform manager is up and running. Moreover the IS is also up.

On the Host machine the webMethods Installation directory has MWS, Niravana, command Central installed in it.


Is the IS installed in the same location? or in a different location?

If it is different location, than this one will need a Platform Manager too.

Remember to equip the Platform Manager(s) with the appropriate Plugins.

Additionally all Servers in one CommandCentral need to have the same password for Administrator.


Command Central is still pre-matured… might have to wait for the better release in 2016 proabably

Additionally all Servers in one CommandCentral need to have the same password for Administrator.

This 9.0 limitation is long gone.

Starting with CC 9.6 you may have different unique credentials for each SPM

In CC 9.7 you can change CCE, SPM, IS, MWS and UM user passwords directly from CC (Web UI and CLI) which would automatically update outbound credentials.

In CC 9.8 (to be released in mid April 2015), SPM 9.8 connects to managed products using password-less SAML-based authentication that does not require/depend on password changes in the managed products. This is supported for IS, MWS and all Common Platform based products (like InfraDC for example).
Connection from CCE to SPM’s still uses basic authentication but this most likely will be replaced with SAML-based auth in a future release.

When the new installation that is added shows ‘X’ mark, it means that the platform manager is not responding on the host machine. So make sure that the platform manager is properly installed and you also that you have specified the correct port while adding the installation.

You need to have a separate platform manager for each instance. Try stopping and starting/ re-installing platform manager.