Unabale to find the vmid of the MWS's JVM on Windows

? Does anyone tried to use jstat or other monitoring tool on Windows for the My WebMethods server JVM?

I am not able to find the vmid of the JVM, that belong to the MWS. In the documentation of jstat it is written, that for Windows the vmid most often is the PID of the java.exe process, but not always… As I know from my colleges, for the Integration Server it it exactly the PID of the JVM, that is used for jstat, but for the MWS`s JVM, this is not working…

Under Windows I tried using:
C:\webMethodsInstallDir\jvm\win150\bin\jstat -gcutil
where is taken from the Windows Task Manager for the process java.exe that appears after the MWS start…
but I get:
not found

I tried also:
C:\webMethodsInstallDir\jvm\win150\bin\jps -l
but I got only the jps pid…

Under Solaris I do it successfully by this way:
/webMethodsInstallDir/jvm/sol150/jstat -gcutil
where is successfully identified by:
ps -A | grep java
or by:
/webMethodsInstallDir/jvm/sol150/jps -l