WebMethods Integration Servers (IS) instance getting hang in HP system.

Can you please any one help me to trace out the below issue,

We have written a C API programs and then later converted into Java API’s. We have used with Java programs and will be executed with Webmethods IS of early versions.

Now, we have upgraded the WebMethod IS with 9.8 and the IS instance getting hang when we execute the Java program. That JVM is not responding to any commands like jstat,jmap, jinfo,jconsole,……

The trace outputs shows as below,
1503665439.4451399 [4728]{2174558} #408959 vfork() … [entry]
1503665439.4475146 [24740]{2199568} #408959 vfork() …(returning as child …) … = 4728 {2174558}
1503665439.4475782 [24740]{2199568} #408959 execve(0x1ffffffeafcff630, 0x1ffffffeafcfed90, 0x6000000000016490) … [entry]
1503665439.4477664 [24740]{2199568} #408959 execve("/var/APPNAME/inst/APP_SYMLINK/bin/program", 0x1ffffffeafcfed90, 0x6000000000016490) … ERR#13 EACCES

Inside our C program, we have creating a process with fork() and executing a binary program using execl() call in a child process. That binary program referred in a symbolic from /var directory and the actual program is exits in /opt path.

Please help me!.


Hello, I am sorry, but there is not enough information in this post to provide assistance.

Also, your question should be posted to this forum.

After providing more details, if no one can help, then I suggest you open a support ticket.